Finance and banking

Options include mainland company, free zone enterprise, offshore company, with any type of license.

In Dubai, there are over 40 company registration zones with their own unique features, advantages, and disadvantages. Choosing a zone and assistance with company registration will make launching your business quick and straightforward.

Opening a company

If you know the sector you are interested in developing or wish to quickly start operations by acquiring existing infrastructure, buying an already established company is an option.

Searching and buying a ready business

You can purchase the business directly from the owner or through an investment fund. The buying process can vary.

We will find apartments for all company employees, rent office space and residential properties for employees and top management.

Office search and property management

Solutions can be implemented in one space and accompanied by a management company. Employees will receive support for any household issues.

Familiarisation with bank management and strategic support, assistance in compliance and establishing foreign economic activity.

Opening bank accounts and further banking operations of any size: government, private, or operating in UAE under separate licenses.

Opening bank accounts

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