Investment opportunities

Clients consider Gulf countries a promising market for diversifying their portfolios. Many owners of businesses operating in other countries are seeking opportunities to scale in the UAE and neighbouring countries.

Direct contacts with the central bank of the UAE provide the opportunity to purchase existing investment funds or create them from scratch, establish trusts, and organise structures for capital transfer from anywhere in the world.

Purchase and creation of investment funds

A separate area of focus is commercial real estate. It is possible to purchase a readymade building with a predictable rental stream or to build a business center tailored to specific needs.

Currently, there are more than ten developers working in the region, each with their own ambitious projects. By entering into direct contracts, we obtain information on project completion dates and revenue prospects.

Investment real estate

We have partnered with the largest investment banks, such as SHUAA Capital, Vault Investments, and Rasmala, which have years of experience in venture and debt investing and have successfully implemented real estate funds.

The question of diversifying one’s investment portfolio is currently relevant. Given the market’s reaction to changes in the geopolitical situation, it is important to have instruments with positive yields in different sectors and markets.

Brokerage accounts and asset transfers

Every year, more and more charitable initiatives are implemented in the UAE, and participating in such projects allows resources to be directed towards areas where they are especially needed.

Direct partnerships with one of the oldest auction houses in the world — Sotheby’s, makes it possible to sell real estate, jewelry, or works of art and donate the proceeds to charity.

Philanthropy and Charity

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