Business relocation

One of the key points is the correct assessment and selection of a partner. Russian-speaking managers or, on the contrary, working with colleagues from England — the most important thing for us is the partner’s ideal reputation and work in the UAE for more than 10 years.

Partner selection

We sign direct contracts with developers and concierge services, conduct their compliance to guarantee results. After all, one of the most important parameters for long-lasting and effective relationships is reputation.

Direct contracts

We visualise the desired villa or apartment, show information on the current market, and inspire with projects from various architects. We conduct the transaction directly with the developer and with instalments, or with the owner and payment by contract — always with full legal support.

Real estate

An analysis has been made of the largest banks, each of which has contacts and Russian-speaking managers. We will prepare a set of documents for submission to the bank. Premium service and standard retail products, there is a solution for any request.


We will share our life experience and explain how to prepare for a driver’s license test or buy a car, get insurance coverage for ourselves and our family members. We will show you the best places to live so that it’s convenient for your child to get to school.

Life experience
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